Healing Tips

  • Using Colored Candles for Manifestation

    The color of the candle is also important, according to Illuminate Your Spirit. Keep many colored colors on hand so you can light the appropriate ones when needed.
  • Inner-standing Energy and Your Chakras

    Allow me to help you inner stand where you may need to start. Everything is energy. The 7 deadly sins are the energy blocks.
  • How to Use Manifestation Candles

    A flickering candle is warm, soft, and romantic. Yet candles are also powerful spiritual tools, having been a part of rituals, ceremonies, celebrations, and prayer across the ages. Many scented candles are uplifting, transforming the ambiance of your home.  However, the light of candles is known to send energy into the universe. They can cleanse a person or room of negative feelings, restore harmony in the home, and offer clarity to those seeking guidance.