How to Use Manifestation Candles

They are also an important part of ritual, as a candle is the embodiment of all five elements. The earth is seen in the base and wick of the candle, the sturdy element that steadies the flame. Wax, which changes from solid to liquid, then to gas when heated and melted, is transmutational, and akin to water. The air is seen in the oxygen surrounding and candle, and is essential for keeping the candle lit as well as extinguishing the flame. The element of fire is seen in the candle flame. This element symbolizes passion, will power, transformation, and rebirth. Lastly, the element of spirit manifests in the soul when you send focus and intention towards a lit candle. Those who understand these powers use candles to cleanse, visualize, and manifest dreams.

To start, place your candles in a beautiful, tranquil setting. You can use crystals, stones, and flowers to decorate the area around the candle. Close your eyes and focus inwardly on your third eye chakra in a sort of meditation. Then try to visualize the situation you would like to see manifested. Feel it as if it is happening. Now take a pen and paper and write down your wish, intention, or goal, then place it under the unlit candle. You can also say it aloud if you wish. Now light the candle, sending your intention into this action. After the candle is lit, close with words of gratitude and affirmation. Then simply let the candle burn, feeling that it is flowing with your energy.