Inner-standing Energy and Your Chakras

 🟠 Pride ( imbalanced sacral plexus)

Sacral rules your sense of self. When it’s imbalanced it creates a “false sense of self”. Ego all in the way.

🟢 Envy ( imbalanced heart chakra)

Heart Chakra rules compassion and acceptance.

 🔵Gluttony ( imbalanced throat chakra )

Throat Chakra rules communication but it’s also associated with the thyroid gland which helps control your metabolism if it’s out of wack it causes weight gain.

 🔷 Lust ( imbalanced third eye)

Your third eye rules your insight, your ability to think logically and clearly (to see past the bs), and awareness. When you’re fixated on money, sex, or power - you can’t see anything past that. 

 🟣 Anger ( imbalanced crown chakra) 

Crown chakra imbalance leads to irrational behavior.

 🔴 Greed ( imbalanced root chakra ) 

Your root chakra is your survival chakra. When all of your basic needs are met, it’s in balanced when it’s not imbalance, you’re in a constant state of “want”. Nothing is ever enough.

 🟡 Sloth ( imbalanced solar plexus) 

Your solar plexus is your energy center, our “fire”. When it’s blocked you simply have no energy or drive. It’s legit like a flame has gone out. You’re lethargic and slow.